The two brothers arrived at ABR in early August, and as healthy cubs of proper weights they were released into the Wild Enclosure right away.  They are residing with #208-Juliette and her sister #209-Summer,and the “3 P’s” (#210-Pansy, #211-Petal, #212-Peanut.  Our wonderful photographer, Ken LaValley, who documents the cubs and their progress, took these amazing portraits of the two brothers recently.  Ellis Bear was more cooperative; Charley B. Bear only appeared for one portrait.


                                                Ellis Bear is a handsome fellow.


                                                   Ellis posed for his portraits.

Ellis on tree

                                  Ellis climbed a tree for another photo.


                                                   Ellis hugged the tree.

Ken was only able to capture this one photo of Charley B.  He stayed hidden during most of the photo shoot.

Charley B.

                                                    Charley B. Bear appears to be watchful.

We will continue to share the “cub portraits” by Ken as well as the curators’ photos of the various cubs and their activities.