ABR cubs #213 (Ellis Bear) and #214 (Charley B. Bear) arrived on August 7th.  They share a Wild Enclosure with Juliette, Summer, Pansy, Petal and Peanut.  All of the cubs are 6 months old, but these two brothers are the largest in their enclosure.  They were in the wild, being cared for by their mother, for longer than the others, so they had a chance to grow larger and to develop appropriate wild behavior.  They display their wildness in their reactions.  They have been seen pawing the ground and huffing when other cubs come too close.  Ellis and Charley B. staked out a tree when they were first released into the Wild Enclosure, and prefer to keep to themselves rather than interacting with the other cubs.

These two brothers are looking more like yearling bears now.


Ellis Bear is losing his cub characteristics.


Ellis forages on the ground.

Charley B. is also getting to look more and more like a yearling bear.

Charley B

Charley B. forages nearby.

Both of the brothers forage for the fruits, nuts, and bear pellets that the curators throw over the fence into the Wild Enclosure.


Foraging for nutritious food.

Here is a photo of the two brothers in their “private” tree.  They sleep or rest in this tree, coming down to forage.

Ellis and Charley B

Ellis and Charley B in their tree.

Ellis and Charley B are healthy young bears who are thriving at ABR.