Bears are basically solitary animals.  Each bear in the wild has a territory that he or she claims as his/her own.  Our cubs have their own “territories,” or parts of the Wild Enclosure that they claim as their own.  Here are some photos of cubs in or on their own territories.

When Ellis and his brother Charley B. Bear arrived, they claimed a particular tree as their territory.  This is where they spend their time, coming down to forage for food, and returning to their tree to rest and sleep.

Ellis Bear

Ellis Bear in the tree that he and his brother share.

Petal and Peanut claimed a stump as their territory!  Looks a wee bit crowded, but they seem happy.

Peanut and Petal

Peanut and Petal on their stump.

They felt comfortable and safe enough to take a nap on the stump.


Napping on the stump-bunk.

Carter claimed his tree very soon after arriving at ABR.  This tree is his territory!

Carter and tree

Carter and his tree.

Carter comes down to forage after the other cubs are gone.  He never strays too far from his tree until he is sure it is safe to do so.


Carter forages near his tree.

He remains on alert for  signs that the other cubs might be coming near, and will climb up his tree in a flash if he feels threatened.

Carter is alert

Carter is on alert.

A tree may seem to us like a very small “territory,” and it is.  When they are released into the wild these cubs will have larger territories, but for now, at ABR, a tree will satisfy their need to establish their own place in the world.