With 13 cubs on site at ABR, we have to take updates and photos when we can.  Here are photos taken of two of the more recent arrivals, Charley B, who is in Wild Enclosure II, and Noli, who is in Wild Enclosure I.

First, we see a real action shot of Charley B as he climbs rapidly up his tree.  We can tell he’s in a hurry to get as high as he can.

Charley B

Charley B. is climbing his tree.

Meanwhile, in the other Wild Enclosure, we see Noli Bear in her tree.  Cubs climbing trees is a very common sight at ABR, and for that matter, in the wild as well.


Noli Climbs up her tree.

Noli stops on a branch that almost looks too small to support the growing cub.  It is amazing that bears can balance and stand on branches that don’t appear to be strong enough to support their weight.  After a rough start, Noli Bear has gained weight and is growing fast.


Noli Balances on a branch.

All of our cubs are growing and putting on weight, just as they should be doing.  We are glad to see them thriving.