As promised, we will look at the 7 orphaned bear cubs in the other Wild Enclosure, which we are calling Wild Enclosure II.  This enclosure houses Juliette and her sister Summer, the “3 P’s (Pansy, Petal, Peanut), and brothers Ellis and Charley B. The social dynamics of this group is much like that of the cubs in Wild Enclosure I.  Pansy, Petal, and Peanut forage together and share the same tree.  The sisters have been seen with the “3 P’s”, but the brothers maintain their distance from the others.  Of course each cub is free to choose who he/she wants to share food and space with, and that’s exactly what they do.

The first photo is of one (or is it both?) of the brothers.  From a distance, it’s hard to tell.  It almost seems like another “cubby pile.”

Ellis or Charley B.

Ellis or Charley B Bear. It’s impossible to tell from here.

Sometimes, even from a distance, it is possible for our curator to identify which cub we are seeing.

Charley B

Charley B. Bear, ID’d by Curator Coy.

Here we see the other 5 cubs – Summer, Juliette, Pansy. Petal and Peanut foraging together.  We’ll admit it is a little hard to see them.  Bear cubs can hide in undergrowth very easily.

Summer, Juliette, and 3 P's

Sisters Summer and Juliette forage with the “3 P’s.”

Now that we’ve seen who is where and with whom, it will be interesting to see how relationships may develop and/or change in weeks to come.