Now that we have 13 cubs residing at ABR, we will sort out which cubs are in which enclosure.  Today we focus on the 6 cubs in one enclosure.  Tomorrow it will be the 7 cubs in the other Wild Enclosure.  This enclosure, that we’ll call Wild Enclosure I, is temporary home to Bonnie Blue, Ridgeway, Marvin, Carter, Noli and Sola.  As of now, The first 3 cubs, who have been with us the longest, stay together whether foraging or sharing a tree.  Carter has been solitary since his arrival and  Noli and Sola, relative newcomers to ABR, also prefer to remain alone.


Carter Bear on the ground, where he is seldom seen.

Carter Bear never strays far from a tree.  Fortunately there are many trees in the Wild Enclosure, so he is able to forage near trees and climb one if he feels the need for its safety.

Carter climbs

Carter Bear climbing tree.

Noli Bear is hard to spot.  She spends time in trees or on the ground, but doesn’t socialize with others.

Noli Bear

Can you see her? Noli Bear forages on the ground.


Noli is easy to see on her tree.

Our latest addition to the cub population, Sola Bear, maintains her distance from the other cubs.


Sola Bear in her tree.

She sleeps in her tree – but how she manages to sleep in this position is a mystery to us humans!

Sola sleeps

Sola Bear sleeps in the tree.

The “three buddies” – Bonnie Blue, Ridgeway, and Marvin – are often seen together.  Here they are in a “cubbie pile” on the branches of a tree.

3 cubs

It’s impossible to tell who is who, but here are the 3 cubs.


Ridgeway earing peanuts.

Bonnie Blue and Ridgeway

Back view of Bonnie Blue and Ridgeway.

Marvin is good at foraging.  Here he is looking for peanuts.


Marvin hunts peanuts in the undergrowth.

In our next post we’ll visit the 7 cubs in Wild Enclosure II.