Here are the two sisters, Juliette (Cub #209) and her sister Summer (Cub #210).  They posed like this while our photographer, Ken LaValley was there to capture the shot.  Bears stand up like this when they are trying to get a better view or better sniff of something that has attracted their attention.  Cubs stand up often.  Being small, it’s hard for them to see over the tall grass.

Juliette and Summer

Juliette and Summer.

Ken was also able to capture a very amusing sequence of photos of Summer investigating the pool in their Wild Enclosure.  First, she balanced carefully and walked on the edge.  Bears have excellent balance and are able to walk along narrow rails or branches, so this was easy for her.


Summer walks on the edge of the pool.

She tests the water by dipping her back foot in.


She tests the water with her back foot.

Suddenly, the unexpected happens – Splash!

Summer falls in

Summer slips and falls into the water!

She was frightened and vocalized loudly as she scrambled to get out.  Her vocalizations scared her sister, Juliette, who headed for a tree.

Summer - scare

Summer had a scare.

Summer couldn’t get out of the pool fast enough!  Ken was able to capture the sequence and even stop the motion of the splashing water.


The little bear made a hasty exit.

Summer shook off and hurried to the tree.

Summer to tree

She went to join her sister in the tree.

A short time later, Summer fell asleep in the tree.  She assumed a sleeping position that only a bear cub could find comfortable as she recuperated from her frightening adventure.

Summer sleeps

Summer sleeps in the tree.

Although bears do like water and are excellent swimmers, cubs are timid around water that is unfamiliar.  Very likely as time goes on we’ll see Juliette and Summer enjoying their pool on hot days.