As you know, Woody Bear is a yearling that was brought to ABR to relearn wild behavior, after he was hanging around an elementary school’s dumpsters.  That was in May, and there were no berries or good wild foods for him.  He had recently been dispersed by his mother during the “family break up” that occurs in the spring.  The officers who brought Woody wanted ABR to keep him in a Wild Enclosure until there was sufficient food in the wild.  Here is a picture of Woody when he arrived on May 20, 2015.

Woody in May

Woody Bear in May.

It was hard to photograph Woody, as he stayed hidden in the underbrush or in a tree.  This photo was taken in June.


Woody climbed trees.

In late June, Woody Bear appeared to have a “mohawk,” a strip of winter fur running down his back that did not come off.  Bears usually rub their winter fur off during the spring and summer.  This strip of fur was stubborn.

Woody with mohawk

Woody with his “mohawk.”

In the next post we will show the process that a bear goes through on Release Day.  It is a big day for the bear and for the curators!