Yesterday we posted the photos taken by Ken LaValley of Carter Bear and the crow.  Today we have the last of Ken’s beautiful images.  These are of the remaining cubs.  You may recall that we reported Woody’s absence from the photo shoot on that day.  Our next post will be a video of Woody, though.

First, we have a sequence showing Marvin and Ridgeway engaged in a typical cub play-fight session.  Even though Marvin is still considerably smaller, he’s no sissy!

Marvin and Ridgeway forage

Marvin and Ridgeway forage near to each other.

The tussle begins.

Marvin below, Ridgeway above

Marvin on the ground; Ridgeway above him.

Play fighting

They go at it!

Bonnie Blue joins in the action.

3 cubs rumble

A 3-cub rumble!

Cub tussles don’t last long.  A bit later they went back to the important business of foraging.

Bonnie Blue and Ridgeway

Bonnie Blue and Ridgeway.

Marvin climbs a tree

Marvin decided to climb a tree.

What an exciting sequence for our photographer to capture on film!  The cubs are really behaving like wild bears as they prepare for their ultimate release back into the wild.