Every so often, our designated photographer, Ken LaValley, who is the only person beside the curators who is allowed to take photos of the cubs in residence at ABR, visits to document their growth through photos.  Of course he uses a telephoto lens, and great patience to capture beautiful images like those you see here.  He was able to get amazing photos of the 4 cubs in the Wild Enclosure.  Woody Bear, the yearling in a different Wild Enclosure, was a no-show on picture day.  Here are the latest official portraits of our 2015 cubs!

Bonnie Blue

Cub #202 – Bonnie Blue Bear


Cub #203 – Ridgeway Bear, Bonnie Blue’s brother.

Marvin Bear

Cub #204 – Marvin Bear

Carter Bear

Cub #206 – Carter Bear

The cubs are really looking good, and behaving as they should, like wild bears!  In the next post we’ll share some more photos that Ken LaValley took on the day of his photo shoot.