Since Carter moved into the Cub House he has been very active and his sight and hearing have shown improvement.  He likes climbing in the outdoor acclimation pen attached to the Cub House (kind of like a screened porch, where he is outside of the building, but still within a fenced area).  When he is released into the Wild Enclosure, the curator will lift the door and he’ll be able to go straight outside.

He seems to like to climb up to the highest platform, so the curators place food there to encourage his climbing behavior and to test his skills.

Carter finds food

Carter finds food on high platform.

It is encouraging to see him climb and find the food so easily.  When he arrived a week earlier it didn’t seem possible.

With a zoom lens, Curator Janet caught a lucky image and took this “portrait” of Carter.

Carter Bear

Carter Bear

We are sure that the other cubs know of his presence – they can definitely smell him, and he can smell them.  To cubs, scent is their “introduction” to each other, so the five of them have already been introduced.  Hopefully, they will soon meet in person, when Carter is released into the Wild Enclosure.