ABR Cub #206, Carter Bear had been with us just over a week when Curator Coy moved him into the Cub House.  That was a milestone, especially since the curators and the UT vets were very concerned about his prognosis when he arrived.Curators Coy and Janet have monitored his progress while he was in the Cub Nursery, and decided that he was improved enough that he was ready for this next step.  As a 5-month-old cub, Carter was showing that he did not like the small pen in the Cub Nursery and wanted to have more space and more challenges.  Here is his new space:

Cub House

The Cub House, ready for Carter.

As you can see, there is much more space here, and more things to interest him – the culvert den, the stump on which to climb, and the beautiful scenery, painted by the Townsend Artisan Guild members.  Oh yes, and the bountiful food bowls!

Carter's food

Carter’s food – with a big bowl of his favorite applesauce.

Curator Coy even added a special treat to the dish – pieces of a wasp nest, full of tasty larvae!

Food bowl

These foods are important for a cub’s growth.

Berries on top of stump

Curator Coy placed a dish of berries on top of the stump.

This was a “test” to see if Carter was able to climb up to eat the berries.  He passed!

convex mirror to show where cub is.

The convex mirror allows the curators to see where Carter is.

Look carefully and see Carter’s image in the mirror.

This was enough excitement for Carter.  He stretched out to take a nap.

Carter naps

Carter takes a nap.

The curators are very pleased with the progress that Carter is making.  He is a spunky little bear!