Cub #206, Carter Bear has made slow but gradual progress since he was admitted to ABR.  Here are a group of photos taken on his second day in the Cub Nursery.

Carter Bear

Carter Bear in Cub Nursery

The curators gave him a couple of stuffed friends to keep him company.  This is common practice for a single cub, as bear cubs are accustomed to being part of a litter, with litter mates for company.

2 stuffed bears

Charlie and Chubbie Cubby

He receives a good variety of foods.  He has a good appetite, having been on the verge of starvation as well as severely dehydrated when he was found.  His food looks very tempting!

Carter's food

Carter’s food

As the next pictures show, he is an enthusiastic eater – and that’s a very good thing!

Carter eats

Carter eats eagerly.

He gets into his food

He really gets into his food!

That was enough excitement for this little bear.  Time for a nap!

Carter takes a nap.

Carter takes a nap.

Watch for more news in the next post.