Appalachian Bear Rescue Cub #206 has arrived.  He was found staggering down a street in Carter County, so his nickname is Carter Bear.  He is the same age as Bonnie Blue, Ridgeway, and Marvin, but was severely dehydrated when found.  He was taken directly to the UT Vet School for a checkup.  Here are photos from his visit to the veterinarians.

Carter Bear

Carter Bear weighs 12.78 pounds

Carter weighs about the same as Marvin.  As you know, Marvin is considerably smaller than the two siblings, Bonnie Blue and Ridgeway.

Vets at UT

The team of vets at the UT Vet School.

ABR is very fortunate that the University of Tennessee Vet School offers their expertise in a case like this.  Their students have the experience of working with bear cubs, and ABR curators are able to learn from their experience and training.

Carter with a vet

Carter Bear with a UT vet.

They found the little cub to be very dehydrated.  If he hadn’t been found, he couldn’t have lived much longer in the summer heat.

Trying to check his ability to stand.

Trying to check Carter’s ability to stand.

The initial examination was not promising.  The veterinarians were guarded in their prognosis.  The little cub needs rest, hydration, and food.  We will follow his progress as he is taken to Appalachian Bear Rescue for care.