In our last post, the cubs were so high in the trees that they couldn’t be identified.  This time we can see each cub as he or she rests.  Good thing that the camera has a zoom lens!  If you recall, the cubs didn’t always get along well.  But as these images show, in the Wild Enclosure they coexist more peacefully, even hanging out in the same tree.

3 cubs in 1 tree

All 3 cubs are in the same tree.


Ridgeway was highest, and hardest to see.

Bonnie Blue

Bonnie Blue was down a little way on the tree.


Marvin snoozed on a lower branch. He’s quite well hidden.

It is amazing how comfortable bear cubs are in trees.  In the wild they spend much of their time up in trees, and are very accustomed to sleeping up high.