Today we continue with the big move – when the cubs were released into the Wild Enclosure.  No more small pens from now on!  We ended our last post with a photo of Curator Janet remotely lifting the door between the Cub House and the new acclimation pen that leads into the Wild Enclosure.  Now we’ll see how the cubs reacted.

Door is open

The door is open. We can see Ridgeway.

It took a while for the cubs to decide to venture out the door and down those steps.

Bonnie Blue and Ridgeway

Bonnie Blue and Ridgeway are thinking about it

Ridgeway and Bonnie Blue

Ridgeway stands by the fence while Bonnie Blue comes down the steps.

This new place is a bit scary for the cubs, so they react in typical cub fashion – they climbed up to the top of the fence.

Cubs up high

Cubs feel safest when they are up high.

Marvin makes his appearance next.


Here’s Marvin!

Marvin comes down

Down he comes!

All three of the cubs made it into the new acclimation pen that is between the Cub House and the Wild Enclosure but they still needed to get all the way outside.  And that took a while.  Here is Curator Janet waiting out of the cub’s sight (but in a rather awkward position).

Curator Janet

Curator Janet watching for the cubs to go outside.

In the next post we’ll finish the story of the big move by showing the cubs in their new wild habitat.