Yesterday we posted about the three cubs in the Wild Enclosure, and showed you a couple of photos of them there.  With this post and the next we’ll show just how that move happened.  These photos were taken by our designated photographer, Ken LaValley, and they take us through the entire process.

First. to prepare for the cubs’ arrival, Curator Janet puts out some grapes to tempt them.

Curator Janet with grapes

Curator Janet puts grapes outside.

She even puts out some applesauce for finicky Marvin.  Notice that it is not in a bowl – bowls are no longer a part of the cub feeding plan!



Curator Janet moves each cub into a carrier for the transfer to the Cub House.

one at a time

One cub at a time.

She carries the carrier into the new Cub House.  These cubs are the first to use the Cub House!

Into the cub house

Into the entrance to the Cub House.

Next, we see all three of the cubs in the Cub House.  Ridgeway is the sleepy cub on the floor.

3 cubs in cub house

Three cubs, ready to venture outside.

This is the view from outside, showing the door that will be raised to let them out.

Closed door

Closed door from Cub House to Wild Enclosure.

How the door looks when open.

The door is opened remotely to allow cubs to go outside.

The door is opened remotely to allow cubs to go outside.

This is how Curator Janet opens the door without being seen by the cubs.

The crank that opens the door remotely.

The crank that opens the door remotely.

In the next post we’ll show how the cubs reacted to the open door, and how they made their way into the Wild Enclosure.