We thought you would like to see exactly where Bonnie Blue, Ridgeway, and Marvin will be living for the remainder of their stay at Appalachian Bear Rescue.  So here are a few photos to show you what it looks like.

wild enclosure

The Wild Enclosure has everything a bear cub could want.

Perimeter fencing

Perimeter fencing. The cubs can’t see outside.

Some trees are wrapped

Some trees are wrapped to prevent cubs from climbing too high, too soon.

Safety corridor to tower

The safety corridor to the tower that overlooks the two new Wild Enclosures.

Lookout tower from inside

Lookout tower from cubs’ side of fence.

Rabbit in enclosure

A neighbor stops by to check out the new Wild Enclosure.

We think the visitor may return when the curators have thrown food over the fence for the cubs.  The rabbit may want to have a bite or two of the fruits and veggies!