Appalachian Bear Rescue had a weekend fundraiser – our Memorial Day Bear Splash at the Townsend IGA.  Volunteers set up the display and staffed the event, giving visitors cold bottles of water for the hot days and telling them about ABR and our mission.  They also showed photos of our resident cubs, Bonnie Blue, Ridgeway, Marvin, and Woody and offered ABR merchandise for purchase.

Bear Splash display

Volunteers in front of ABR Bear Splash display.

Visitors at the ABR display

Answering visitors’ questions.

This family comes to all of our Bear Splashes!  It’s nice to see them again.

May-Hicks family

The May-Hicks family support ABR.

Of course, the reason for this event is to raise funds to feed and care for our cubs.  The cubs are oblivious to the efforts that volunteers make on their behalf, but we do it because we care and want these cubs to have their second chance at a wild life.  Here are some photos that show what the cubs were doing while we held the Bear Splash.

Ridgeway and Bonnie Blue

Ridgeway rests and Bonnie Blue vocalizes.

Marvin eats

Marvin eats his yogurt and applesauce.


Woody is hard to see in the trees.

Our weekend event was a big success!  We raised enough money for lots of cub food!  Our thanks to all who volunteered and all who came by to see us.