Cub 202 (Bonnie Blue) and 203 (Ridgeway) are doing well in the acclimation pen.  As we reported yesterday, Cub 204 (Marvin) was moved into a smaller, private pen so that curators could watch him carefully and make sure that he is eating.  Meanwhile, the other two cubs are eating, climbing, and playing in the spacious acclimation pen.  Here are some photos of the two.

Bonnie Blue sucks on Ridgeway's ear.

Bonnie Blue still uses her brother’s ear as a “pacifier.” He doesn’t seem to mind.

Bonnie Blue and Ridgeway up high

The cubs like to be up near the top of their climbing structure.

Bonnie Blue chases a bee

Bonnie Blue chases a carpenter bee! We don’t know if she caught it.

If she was able to catch the bee she would have eaten it.  Any insect is “meat” for a bear.