The curators became concerned that Marvin was not eating enough since moving into the acclimation Pen with the other two cubs.  The other day we told you that he “defended his grapes,” when one of the other cubs tried to get them.  The problem was that although he ate grapes and carrots, he was not eating enough of the rich formula that he needs to put on weight and grow strong.  So Curator Coy took him back to the UT Vet School for another checkup.  The vets didn’t find anything wrong with him, but it was disturbing to find that he had not gained any weight.

UT vets check Marvin

UT vets check Marvin

When Curator Coy took him back to ABR, Marvin was given a new, private pen where the curators can watch him carefully and make sure that he is eating.  Since he will not have any competition for the food in this pen, it is hoped that he will be able to eat and gain weight.  You can see that he has several bowls of food – different combinations of formula mixed with yogurt as well as fruit.

Marvin's pen

Marvin’s private pen.

Formula with sliced grapes.

Formula with grapes the way Marvin likes them – sliced.

Marvin eats.

Marvin is eating the new treat.

He checks his log

He checks out his log. Maybe he’ll find insects there!

Insect nest.

Look at this! An insect nest. It probably has larvae inside.

Marvin explores.

Marvin explores his log and pen.

The curators will keep a careful watch over Marvin, and since he is alone in this pen, they will know just how much he is eating.  We hope he will thrive now that he is away from the others for a bit.  Of course, the goal will be to return him to the acclimation pen and the other cubs as soon as he is eating well and getting stronger.