Bonnie Blue is definitely the “top cub” of the 3.  It seems in the bear world that females have to be tough.  After all, when they become mothers, they must protect their little cubs from many dangers, including dangers posed by male bears.  Bonnie Blue has been observed fighting with Marvin Bear to the extent that our curator had to make noises to break up the fight.  Normally, the curators do not interfere with “Cub Politics,” but let the little bears sort things out on their own.  However, when a cub becomes too aggressive toward another, it is time to call a halt.  The curator rattled the gate to the pen (the cubs couldn’t see, because the gate is covered with a blind) and all three of the cubs scattered.

This photo shows Marvin crying to show his displeasure at being picked on by Bonnie Blue.  He is still a bit smaller than the other two, especially Bonnie Blue, who is the largest of the three.

Marvin cries

Marvin protests Bonnie Blue’s treatment of him.

Bonnie Blue

Bonnie Blue is the aggressor.

Marvin defended his bowl of grapes at feeding time.  Even though the curators put several bowls of food in the pen, it seems that the cubs will converge on one bowl.  Marvin, however, fiercely defended what he regarded as his grapes by vocalizing loudly.


Marvin defended his grapes.

After feeding time, the cubs play and get along quite well.  We can see that they like to be up on the climbing structure.  As we have said before, cubs feel safe up high, whether in a tree or on a climbing structure in the pen.

3 cubs play.

Sometimes the three cubs play together.

Like many other babies – both animal and human, when they have eaten and played they fall asleep.  Often they will fall asleep right where they are.

Sleeping cubs

Sleeping cubs.

Who knows what will happen when they wake up from their little nap?