When we posted about the arrival of Marvin, Cub #204, a few days ago, we told you that he was being housed temporarily in the pen in the Cub Nursery, which was recently vacated by Bonnie Blue and Ridgeway .  Although Marvin, weighing 5 pounds at admission, was larger than the sibling cubs, the curators wanted to be able to observe him and make sure that all is well.  There is a baby monitor that feeds video and audio into the office, so that the curators can keep an eye on him without entering the building too often.  Here are some photos they were able to take during his settling in period.

Marvin and stuffed bear

Marvin with Charlie, the stuffed bear.

Single cubs are always given a stuffed bear for comfort.  Since bear cubs are almost always part of a litter of 2 or more, the presence of a soft, furry toy bear seems to soothe them at first.

Marvin with bowl of fruit

Marvin seemed to like the bowl of soft fruit that was provided along with formula.


Marvin checks out his surroundings.


Moving around.

Curious Marvin

Cubs are always curious.

If you remember the first couple of days that Bonnie Blue and Ridgeway were at ABR, you can see what a difference there is in the strength of Marvin, who was a couple of weeks older than the others when he was admitted.  Bear cubs grow amazingly fast.

A "thoughtful" pose.

A “thoughtful” pose.

Marvin seems to be doing well, so he will be introduced to Bonnie Blue and Ridgeway very soon.  Watch for that news.