Another three-month-old cub arrived at Appalachian Bear Rescue over the weekend!  He had been found in a backyard, when he wandered in – alone.  The homeowners watched him for a day and then called TWRA, when it became obvious that no mother bear was coming to look for him.  He was transported to ABR and became our 204th cub.  His nickname is Marvin Bear.  Here is a photo of Marvin on his first day in the Cub Nursery, where he was placed for observation.  After a day or two in the nursery, he will undoubtedly be introduced to Cubs #202 and 203, Bonnie Blue and Ridgeway, because bear cubs do much better with others of their kind.

Marvin Bear

Marvin Bear enjoyed the
soft foods and formula. He is able to lap from a bowl – a good sign.