On Monday April 6th, Cub #202 and Cub #203 went to visit the veterinarians at the UT Vet School.  Here are some photos that show parts of the vet visit.  When we see the cub on an examining table it is clear just how small these little bears are.


Cub is checked by vet.

Feisty cub does not like his checkup!

Vet holds cub in place.

Holding the cub on the examining table.

Cub getting ultrasound

Preparing the female cub for an ultrasound.

As you can see, the UT Veterinarians take great care with our little orphans.  Both cubs seem to be doing well.  Blood and urine analyses will be completed promptly and will help with the decisions about their care.

Meanwhile, the cubs have been given nicknames that are easier for us to remember than the numbers that are used by the curators and wildlife officers.  The nickname for Cub #202 is Bonnie Blue.  Her brother, Cub #203 is nicknamed Ridgeway.  The names are derived from the Blue Ridge Parkway, where they were found.  Keep watching our blog to keep up-to-date with the two little ones!