The four cubs at ABR have been in the Wild Enclosure for quite a while now.  This is their last stop before they are released back into the wild, and it is where they really learn to be bears and practice their skills.  Today we share some photos of the cubs in this special place, and also show you an updated aerial view of ABR with the enclosures pointed out.

The first photo is what the curators see when they peek into the Wild Enclosure.

4 cubs are hard to spot

Can you spot the cubs in this long-distance view?

To take the next shot, in which the cubs are very visible, the curator used a zoom lens on the camera.

4 cubs are easier to see.

The cubs are in their favorite tree.

One of the cubs is practicing tree-climbing skills in the next photo.

cub on branch of tree

The cub is very comfortable in this position.

Bucky Bear is “hanging out” and showing off his long tongue.

Bucky sticks out long tongue

Bears have very long tongues, the better to lick up ants and larvae that they love.

Here is the latest aerial view of the ABR facility.  You can see that the Wild Enclosures – #1 and #2 are the “old” enclosures, while #3 and #4 are the new ones that are being completed now.  They will make it possible for us to have many more cubs when we have a busy year as happened in 2011-2012.  It will also allow time for an enclosure that is used in one year to rest and recover from the damage that busy little bears cause.

Aerial view

This is the ABR facility from above.