As we watch the cubs grow and thrive in the Wild Enclosure, it is easy to forget how small they were when they first arrived at ABR.  We thought it might be fun to revisit some early photos and compare the cubs as they were then and as they are now.  The changes are remarkable!

First up is Sugar Bear.  Sugar (ABR Cub #197) was the first cub to arrive in 2014.  She made her debut on April 4th.


Sugar Bear on April 4

Sugar Bear on April 4, 2014.

Sugar on July 28

Sugar Bear on July 28th.

The next cub to arrive at ABR was #198 Sweet Pea Bear.  She was rescued and brought from KY on April 12th.

Sweet Pea on April 12

Sweet Pea Bear on April 12, 2014.

Sweet Pea on July 28

Sweet Pea on July 28th.

Bucky and Cee Cee Bear (ABR Cubs #199 and 200) arrived on April 28th.  Here is a photo taken the day after their arrival.

Bucky and Cee Cee -April 29

Bucky and Cee Cee on April 29th.

Bucky and Cee Cee on July 28.

Bucky and Cee Cee playing in a tree on July 28th.

Even though we know that cubs grow fast, it’s amazing to see these “then and now” images.