As we have said before, the ABR curators throw food over the shielded fencing, scattering it in different areas of the Wild Enclosure for the cubs to find when they forage.  Most of the photos that Curator Coy and Curator Janet take are taken very soon after the once-a-day feeding.  This is so that the humans (curators) don’t spend any more time than necessary down at the enclosure.  Recently, the menu has included a bountiful supply of summer fruits.  Here are some images of the cubs enjoying these tasty treats.

The first photo shows how well they are developing their wild behavior.  This cub had heard a noise and retreated into the underbrush, as a wild bear cub should do.  After a few minutes, she realized that food had been “served,” so she came out, cautiously, to forage with the other cubs.

Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea comes out of her hiding place.

Cee Cee checks pool

Cee Cee checks out the pool in the enclosure. Maybe she’ll find food there.

Cee Cee bobs for plum

Yes! There is a plum floating. Cee Cee bobs for it.

Cee Cee gets the plum

She catches the plum. What a nice treat!

She looks for more

She looks for more.

She gets another plum

There is another one, and Cee Cee gets it, too.

Bucky has nectarine

Meanwhile, Bucky has found a nectarine. He won’t share it.

4 cubs forage

All four cubs forage for more summer fruits.