It’s amazing how quickly our four cubs are growing.  Bear cubs do grow very quickly, and our curators estimate that these cubs weigh approximately 40-50 pounds now!  Here is a sequence of photos that shows how much they have grown.  The first photo is a good shot of the Wild Enclosure, where the cubs are living until their release into the wild.  Can you spot a cub in this photo?

wild enclosure

A corner of the Wild Enclosure. Can you spot a cub? Look hard!

Cee Cee

Cee Cee sits on a branch. 

Cee Cee - big paws

Cee Cee has big paws!

cubs climb down

The cubs smell food and climb down from their tree perches.

Bucky runs

Bucky runs to join the others.

Sugar Bear

Sugar Bear comes down head first.

four cubs on ground

All four cubs forage on the ground.

Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea strikes a pose. She is getting to be a Chubby Cubby.

cub with longer legs

This cub is looking lankier. Its legs are starting to look longer.

cub on edge of pool

Walking on the edge of the pool is easy for a cub!

Cub takes drink

The pool is a good place to get a drink.

curious cub

Our cubs are looking good! Here is an alert and curious cub.