Our four cubs are growing and filling out (and filling up!)  Here are some photos of recent foraging activities.  When they are back in the wild, they, like all black bears will spend a majority of their time eating. Eating is a bear’s mission in life.

When Curator Coy started to throw the food over the fence, the cubs were up in their favorite tree.

Bucky and Sweet Pea

Bucky and Sweet Pea are “buds,” sharing space in the tree.

It didn’t take long for them to climb down to forage for the food he had thrown, although they waited until they felt safe before climbing down from the tree.

Four cubs climbed down.

All four cubs were in the tree. All four started down.

Eating grapes and blueberries.

They love the grapes and blueberries, and with their prehensile lips they can pick up one at a time.

Cub uses paw to sort berries.

Their paws look big, but are capable of delicate movements.

Cub sniffing food

A bear’s sense of smell is very keen. They follow their noses to find food.

Cub eating insects on log.

Cubs like to search in and under logs for insects to eat.

Cub looks up

This cub may think that berries and grapes come down from the sky.

Cub has stopped eating.

Looks like this cub has eaten its fill.