The recent rains in Eastern Tennessee are welcome, as we have been short of rainfall this year.  And, as we said in our last post about the cubs playing in the rain, the showers don’t bother them at all!  Curator Coy took these photos a couple of days ago when, as you can plainly see, it was raining quite steadily.

4 cubs in tree

Cubs in tree on rainy day.

Sweet Pea gnaws on branch

Sweet Pea gnaws on a branch. The cubs strip the bark to get at insects.

The next few images show two of the cubs – Bucky and Sugar Bear – interacting in the rain while in the tree.

Bucky and Sugar

Bucky and Sugar play together in the tree.

Bucky and Sugar

Bucky and Sugar touch noses in the tree.

Touching noses or mouths is a commonly seen interaction between cubs.

Bucky and Sugar in tree

It appears that a “cub conversation” is taking place.

Sugar talks to Bucky

Sugar seems to have a lot to say to Bucky.  What do you suppose she is saying?

Bucky and Sugar

She uses her paw to get the point across.

Cee Cee in rain and tree

Meanwhile, Cee Cee is just hanging out.

Bear Bum in tree

Curator Coy says this is “The End” of the rainy day saga.