What do bear cubs do when it rains?  Usually they do just what they would be doing if it were not raining.  In these photos that Curator Coy took the other (rainy) day, they are in their favorite tree, as usual.  But you’ll see that they look wet.  Their outer layer of fur sheds water, so the shorter fur next to their skin stays pretty dry.  Kind of like having a built-in raincoat.

Sweet Pea with tongue out.

Sweet Pea yawns and sticks out her tongue.

Did you know that bears had such long tongues?  They are adept at using the tongue along with their prehensile lips to manipulate food into their mouths.

Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea settles down to look around the enclosure.

Bucky and Cee Cee

Bucky and Cee Cee are nearby, in another part of the tree.

Sugar Bear

Sugar Bear has a favorite spot in the tree, but it’s getting to be tight as she grows.