They were at it again when our curator took these photos recently.  The cubs heard him approach and immediately scampered up their favorite tree.  This may be frustrating for those of us who want to see the little guys, but it is just the kind of wild behavior that our curators are hoping for.  They are doing what they should do – showing fear and distrust of humans.  Luckily, the “close-up” images are possible with a good camera lens.  When the curator tiptoed (yes, they actually do walk very softly, trying to make as little noise as possible) he heard the sound of running as the cubs dashed for the tree, and then saw this:

cubs up in tree

The cubs had climbed the tree.

The camera brought them in a little closer:

Cubs in tree.

Cubs in the tree.

He was able to isolate the cubs by zooming in on them.

Cee Cee in tree

Cee Cee was startled, and hid in the tree.

Sugar Bear in tree

Sugar Bear peeked out from her safe perch.

Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea is wary of a human’s presence.