The cubs were back in their favorite tree when Curator Coy took these photos.  They were playing and play-fighting.  Bear cubs play-fight to help develop some of the skills they will need in the wild.  But no one tells them to do this except nature – it’s strictly a matter of instinct.  What fun to watch, though!

As always, our curator was far enough away that the cubs were not aware of his presence.

Scene from a distance.

Here is what Curator Coy could see with the naked eye.

Fortunately, the zoom lens on his camera brought the scene in much closer.

Sugar Bear in tree

Sugar Bear was relaxing in her favorite spot in the leafless tree.

Two cubs play-fighting

Two of the cubs were play-fighting in the tree.

Bucky and Cee Cee

Bucky and his sister Cee Cee were playing, also.

Four cubs in the tree

After they tired of playing, all four cubs settled down in different spots for a rest.