In the wild, bears spend many hours looking for food.  Foraging is a way of life, and our cubs have to learn the skill if they are to survive in the wild after their release.  It seems to be a skill that they are happy to practice, and they spend many hours each day (in between their naps in trees) foraging for the food that our curators throw over the fence to them.  Their foraging and eating is making the cubs healthy, strong, and chubby – just what they need to be!

The first photo shows one of the cubs sitting up.  It is on alert to anything out of the ordinary.  When cubs are on the ground like this, they feel vulnerable, and must be vigilant to possible dangers.

cubs on alert

Cubs stay tuned into what is going on while foraging.

Cubs foraging

Nothing to worry about, so cubs resume eating.

Sugar and Bucky Bear

Sugar Bear and Bucky Bear forage near to each other.

Sweet Pea by pool.

Meanwhile, Sweet Pea relaxes by the pool. Maybe she is thinking about a cooling dip.