You may have heard that black bears are solitary animals and this is certainly true of adult black bears.  Other than mothers with cubs, most black bears spend their days alone.  However, in the case of cubs like the four cubs currently being cared for at Appalachian Bear Rescue, socialization is the norm.  Since most cubs are born into litters of 2 to 4, they are very comfortable with other cubs.  Though they had different mothers (except for #199-Bucky and #200-Cee Cee) they look for all the world like a family.  And since there is plenty of food to go around, they peacefully share the bounty as they learn to forage.

4 cubs foraging

All four of the cubs forage together.

We are pleased to see that they are growing into healthy, “chubby cubbies.”

4 cubs foraging

They share the delicious foods provided by the curators.

Cubs up favorite tree.

When they finish eating (for now) they climb up their favorite tree to rest.