As we have said, and you have no doubt observed, our four cubs spend a lot of their time in the trees – either climbing up, climbing down, or climbing through.  Here are a number of photos that Curator Janet took the other day that show cubs doing “all of the above.”  We are impressed by their agility and balance.

When Curator Janet arrived at the Wild Enclosure, she could see the four cubs in one of the tall trees.

cubs in tree

Cubs in tree are hard to see.

Using the zoom lens on the camera, she was able to bring them in closer.  Here is how the story played out.

Sweet Pea, Sugar, Bucky

L-R, she saw Sweet Pea, Sugar, and Bucky. Cee Cee was not in view.

Bucky sleeps

Bucky found a good spot for a nap.

Cee Cee

Cee Cee was on another branch, but seemed to find it uncomfortable

We can see that this little bear has been in the water.  The cubs use their pool often when the weather is hot.

Cee Cee climbs higher

Cee Cee climbs higher.

Cee Cee climbs

She still is trying to get comfortable. Cee Cee stretches out to reach another branch.

Cee Cee on another branch

Cee Cee finds another spot.

Cee Cee settles down.

Cee Cee seems to settle down.

Cee Cee climbs down.

She doesn’t stay put very long. Soon she climbs down.

Bucky wakes up

Bucky is still in his resting spot, but the commotion wakes him up.