Curator Coy observed the cubs in their favorite “Napping Tree.”  Suddenly he heard a loud “crack,” and a “thump,” and saw that Bucky Bear was lying on the ground.  Coy didn’t know if the sound was Bucky falling from the tree, or whether it was just the sound of a branch breaking and hitting the ground, but he stayed in place and watched for several minutes afterward.  Here is what he saw and photographed.

cubs in tree

Coy saw the cubs up in the Napping Tree.

Bucky climbs higher

Bucky was climbing higher.

Although bear cubs are exceptionally good climbers, they are subject to the law of gravity, just like we are. When Coy heard the loud noise, he hurried to a spot where he had a better view.

Bucky climbed another tree

After a very few minutes, Bucky climbed a different tree with no difficulty.

Bucky in new tree

Bucky settled himself in the new tree and quickly relaxed.

Cee Cee climbs up

Bucky’s sister, Cee Cee, climbed up to see him.

We wonder if she was concerned about him.  It’s easy for us to anthropomorphize in a case like this, but we really don’t know what caused her to climb up this tree as if to join her brother.

Cee Cee and Bucky in tree

Cee Cee stopped above Bucky and looked down at him.

The other cubs joined Cee Cee and Bucky in the tree.

Sugar and Sweet Pea

Sugar Bear and Sweet Pea join the others.

Sugar Bear adds some drama of her own to the story.

Sugar Bear

Sugar Bear finds a branch.

Sugar Bear

Be careful, Sugar Bear!

Curator Coy watched the cubs throughout the rest of the day and reports that Bucky seemed to be just fine. There were no signs of soreness or limited mobility.  Although we’ll probably never know exactly what caused the noise that Coy heard, it is good to know that Bucky Bear seems to be as healthy as ever.