As you know, the curators throw natural foods over the fencing for the cubs.  But our smart little bears also find their own tasty snacks in the Wild Enclosure.  They eat what they instinctively know are good foods for cubs. This is a sequence of photos that Curator Coy took just the other day to show how adept the cubs are at finding their own food.

Cub in tree, eating

Tasty leaves and insects are found up in the tree.

Cub slips off branch

Oops! Though cubs are at home in trees, they do slip now and then.

Cub is back on branch again.

Not to worry. She rights herself and goes back to her snacking.

Another cub finds a rotting log on the ground.  The log is probably full of yummy insects or there are equally yummy grubs beneath it.

Cub tearing apart a log

Cubs learn early how to use their sharp claws to tear apart a log.

The next photo shows just how far away Curator Coy was when he took these photos.  It also shows how the blinds on the fencing prevent the cubs from seeing the curators when they throw food into the enclosure.

Cubs are far away.

The cubs are indicated with the red arrows. A zoom lens is very helpful!