This is a picture of the road that goes by ABR.  It was taken in early evening.

road through woods

ABR’s road through the woods.

The cubs are settling into their “beds.”

Sugar Bear

Good night, Sugar Bear.

Bucky Bear

Good night, Bucky Bear.

Sweet Pea Bear

Good night, Sweet Pea Bear.

The fourth cub is getting sleepy, but her eyes haven’t quite closed yet.

Cee Cee Bear

Good night, Cee Cee Bear.

Let’s take a look at the “bed tree” as it really looks to the eye, without the zoom lens.

4 cubs in tree

The “bed tree.” Good night, cubs. Sweet dreams.

Of course we know that they will come down to play and forage after they have had a nap.  But they look so peaceful there.  Yawn.  It makes us sleepy to watch them.