We thought you might like to see some great photos that the curator took when the cubs happened to be awake. You have seen a lot of images of sleeping, snoozing, napping cubs, so here, for a change, are wide-awake cubs. And to add to the novelty, they were in a tree with leaves for a change.  As we told you, they seem to especially like the leafless tree, but on this day they moved to a tree with leaves.  Bear cubs have no difficulty in climbing up any tree, leafless, with leaves, or with needles.

Cubs in different tree

Coy noticed that the cubs were in a different tree, with leaves.

Sugar Bear

He noticed that Sugar Bear was awake.

Sugar Bear, closer

With the zoom lens, he got closer to Sugar Bear.

Sweet Pea sticks out tongue

Sweet Pea expresses herself by sticking out her tongue.


Bucky seems to be hiding.

Cee Cee and Bucky

Cee Cee is above, and her brother Bucky is below.

Cee Cee and Bucky

Cee Cee and Bucky.

Sweet Pea sniffs

Sweet Pea sniffs the wind. Wonder what she smells?