If it seems that many of the photos of our cubs show them snoozing in the trees, it’s because that is where they spend a lot of time, engaged in one of their favorite activities – sleeping.  Of course, because they are still babies (just 5 months old) they do require a lot of sleep.  And, as we have seen on the trail cam when Coy has set it up for night viewing, their sleep-play-eat cycle takes place around the clock.  The curators only take photos when they go down to throw food over the fence, and more often than not, when they arrive at the Wild Enclosure the cubs are taking a nap in the trees.  Here are some recent shots, of napping cubbies.

Four cubs in tree

Four cubs napping in a tree. This is how far away the curator was.

2 cubs with zoom lens

A zoom lens shows 2 cubs up close.

Cub balanced on branches

Is this comfortable? Looks a little precarious.

Cub shifts position

A shift in position.  This is the “pretzel” pose.

Rear view of cub

Rear view of napping cub.

2 cubs

Two napping cubs, completely relaxed.