Despite the fact that our curators spend very little time down near the Wild Enclosure, they are able to get some excellent photos by using a telephoto lens on the camera.  These shots were taken from the cover of the lookout tower that gives them a view of the cubs from a place where the cubs cannot see them.

Bucky Bear

Bucky is front and center. Posing, perhaps?

Bucky in grass

Bucky in the tall grass.

Bucky is a lighter color than his sister Cee Cee and the other cubs.  Although the majority of black bears in the Eastern US are black, there are some variations.  It remains to be seen if he will keep his lighter coloring as he grows.

Bucky by tree

Bucky moves to a tree, possibly to climb it.  The other cubs continue to forage.

BBucky in tree, looking down

From his perch in the tree, he looks down on his sister and the other cubs.

When he is in the sunlight, he looks lighter yet.

Cee Cee is darker

His sister Cee Cee has darker fur.

Cee Cee, Sugar Bear, Bucky, Sweet Pea

L-R: Cee Cee, Sugar Bear, Bucky and Sweet Pea

Sugar Bear has the lighter muzzle, like Bucky, but is a darker color overall.