Here in the Smoky Mountains, when a bear is spotted by visitors to the area, cars stop and people get out to see and take pictures of the bear.  The resulting traffic tie-up is called a “bear jam.”  At ABR, our cubs create their own “cub jam” in a tree in the Wild Enclosure.  These images will make you smile, or laugh out loud.

3 cubs in tree

Does this look comfortable?

Cubs in tree

How about this pose?

Tangled cubs

What a tangle!

3 cubs in tree

How many cubs do you see?

More tangled cubs

Which legs belong to which cub? No one wants to give an inch.

3 cubs in knot and 1 above.

Three cubs in a knot, and one up above the fray.

We hope this sequence gave you a few chuckles today.  We are still smiling as we post it.