Often, when we post photos of the cubs in the Wild Enclosure, we don’t know who is who.  Not so with these images. Curator Janet took several photos of Sweet Pea Bear, and then several of Bucky Bear.  She watched them and was able to identify each cub and get a sequence of photos of them “doing their own thing” and behaving like normal bear cubs.

Sweet Pea in tree

Sweet Pea Bear up high in a tree.

Sweet Pea in tree

Sweet Pea shifts her position.

Sweet Pea in tree

Another shift of position.

Bear cubs are so comfortable and feel so secure in trees – it’s hard for us to imagine being that much at home up high in a tree!

Sweet Pea looks down

She looks down and sees Bucky Bear.  Maybe she wonders what Bucky is doing.

Bucky licks insects from bark.

Bucky has found insects under the bark of the tree!

Sometimes the cubs find their own food in the Wild Enclosure.  Insects are a natural and very important part of a bear’s diet.  Most of their protein comes from insects.  They especially enjoy larvae, pupae, and insect eggs.

Bucky eats insects

Bucky found himself a treat.

Bucky eats insects

He pulls bark off the tree to get at the insects beneath.

Sweet Pea sleeps in tree

Meanwhile, Sweet Pea falls asleep.

Sweet Pea is in a sleeping position that we might not find very comfortable.  But for a tired bear cub, it’s just fine!