Sugar Bear, Sweet Pea Bear, Bucky Bear and Cee Cee Bear are behaving just as bear cubs should now that they have been in the Wild Enclosure for a week.  Watching them is like watching any bear cubs in the wild.  They are learning new skills and developing their muscles every day.  We have some more great photos, captured by our curator with a telephoto lens on the camera.


Two cubs up in the tree and two more on the ground.

Cub climbs up tree

One cub climbs up, reaching for the branch.

cub climbs higher.

It’s hard work to get up there!

Cub on branch.

Success! The cub sits on the branch.

A cub climbs up

Another climber on the way up.

Cub climbs down tree

What goes up must come down.

Cub reaches bottom of tree

Almost to the bottom of the tree. Cubs are great climbers!

Cub starts foraging

Now for some foraging.

Bucky Bear

Bucky Bear pauses in his eating.

4 cubs foraging.

Four cubs foraging.

Cub with open mouth.

This cub as something to say.