In the wild, bears spend a great amount of their time foraging and eating.  The four cubs at ABR are true to their nature.  Although not having to forage yet (that will happen when they are released into the wild enclosure) they certainly do like to eat, and will eat just about anything the curators provide.  We’ve said before, that the curators try to give them as many foods that would be found in the wild as they possibly can.  Sometimes, in order to provide necessary nutrients, a food must be used that is not a natural bear food.  That is the case now.  Because the weather has warmed and will continue to get warmer, the formula/yogurt mixture cannot be used.  But the growing cubs still require the calcium and protein found in that food.  To provide those important elements in their diet, Coy is adding puppy chow to the menu.  Puppy chow, as opposed to regular dog food, has significant amounts of the calcium and protein that growing cubs need without the risk of spoilage in warm weather.  And they had no problem adapting to this new food.  At first, Coy soaked the puppy chow in berry juice to make it a little softer.  As these photos show, the cubs consumed this new food eagerly.

cubs eating

The cubs tried the puppy chow.

Cee Cee with paws in food

Cee Cee put her paws right into the food.

Cee Cee in food

Cee Cee got more into her food.

Cee Cee in the bowl.

Cee Cee (background) climbed into the bowl!

Cub drinks

One of the cubs takes a drink from the water tub.

Bucky Bear

Bucky Bear posed nicely.  Looks like he smells something.

Bucky looks at bee

Bucky is curious about a bee.

Bucky after bee left.

The bee is gone. Bucky might have liked to eat it. Bees are a natural food for bears.

Bucky sleeps

Bucky falls asleep.

There is nothing like a little nap when you are a cub.