All four of the cubs in the large, outdoor Acclimation Pen are now getting along very well with each other.  They eat, play, and engage in other cub activities.  Here are some recent photos showing the little bears.

One cub

One of the cubs in Acclimation Pen.

Cub eating

Eating is a popular activity.

Here is a view of a cub meal – lots of natural, tasty foods for cubs!  The curators try to provide as many natural foods as possible, so the cubs sample many treats they will find in the wild


This cub salad includes dandelion greens and blueberries.

cub licks up food

Good to the last lick – cubs don’t waste food!

Sweet Pea Bear

Closeup view of Sweet Pea (thanks to telephoto lens on camera)

After a good meal, the cubs get some exercise.  They are becoming more steady on their feet and are learning to climb on the log “jungle jim” in the pen.


Climbing helps cubs develop muscles.