Things move fast at ABR these days.  The curators have accelerated the move of Bucky Bear and his sister Cee Cee from the Cub Nursery to the Acclimation pen outdoors.  This was done to further minimize the contact between the cubs and the human caretakers (curators).  After receiving the go-ahead from the UT veterinarians, the two cubs were moved in with Sugar Bear and Sweet Pea Bear.  Here are some images of their first day together.

Sugar and Cee Cee vocalize

Sugar and Cee Cee weren’t sure about each other.

It seemed that the two females had something to say to each other.

Sugar and Cee Cee huff.

Some huffing occurred between them.

4 cubs settle down

After a while, the 4 cubs seemed to settle down.

Cubs playing

There was playing.

It seems that the four cubs will tolerate each other.

4 cubs on climbing tree.

They all like being up on the climbing tree.