When Cub #199 (Bucky Bear) and his sister, Cub 200 (Cee Cee Bear) first arrived at ABR, we reported that Cee Cee had a wound on her hip and that the UT veterinarian had prescribed a course of antibiotics for her.  Therefore, the two cubs were placed in separate pens in the Cub Nursery.  Having been through such a stressful and upsetting time (losing their mother and being captured and brought to ABR) they showed that they were anxious to be reunited.  Bucky, particularly, was showing his stress by not eating.  So after 2 days in separate pens, the curators decided to let them get back together. Even though Cee Cee still needed the antibiotics, they felt it was in the best interest of the cubs to put them in the same pen. When Curator Coy checked with the vet, he was given the OK to do just that.  These photos show how the two cubs reacted.

Divider is opened in cage

The divider opens.

2 cubs together

The cubs immediately snuggled together.

Bucky protects his sister

Bucky, protecting his sister.

Cee Cee behind Bucky.

Cee Cee hides behind Bucky.

Bucky being protective.

Bucky is being protective.

It’s almost as if he is saying “Don’t you dare hurt my sister!”  Both cubs showed that they were glad to be together.  Cee Cee continued to take her antibiotic, and her brother didn’t show any interest in the Pedialyte with medicine.  They were just glad to be reunited.